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 Our Story

1907           Antonio “Dan” Consilvio leaves Castiglione, Italy for America, passing through Ellis Island, New York on April 29, 1907. He returns to Italy to marry Pierina Magnacca on July 9, 1914. Four months later, Dan Consilvio brings his new bride to Endicott, New York to begin their new lives.

1916           Dan Consilvio legally changes the family name to Consol on January 1, 1916.

1917           Adolph “Duff” Consol is born July 2, 1917.

1942           Uncle Duff begins his World War II service, becoming an expert baker in U.S. Army mess halls.

1946           Duff opens his legendary Italian restaurant, Duff’s Tavern, in 1946 on Odell Avenue in Endicott, New York. The restaurateur coins the terms Hot Pies as the nickname for his sensationally poplar thin-crust pizzas.  

                                    Duff invents unique packaging for Hot Pies ordered to go—wrapping them in a twisted steeple of white butcher paper. The open-air wrapping allows the steam to escape and prevents the Hot Pies from becoming soggy and taking on a cardboard taste. The wrapping quickly becomes a visual signature for Duff’s Tavern.

1989           Uncle Duff retires and nephew Jim Consol takes over the restaurant in December 1989.

1995           December 16, 1995, Jim Consol marries wife Teri, whose own Italian heritage is responsible for the restaurant’s signature dessert, Grandma G’s Chocolate Cake.

1998           Grilled pizzas are added to the menu. Cooked from start to finish on an open fire, these pizzas are distinguished by their smoky, grilled flavored.

2000           Alana Consol, next generation restaurateur, is born February 7, 2000. 

2005     Zio, Jim Consol’s second restaurant, opens in Charlotte, May 2005. The name, which means “uncle” in Italian, is chosen to honor the restaurants’ founder.



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116 Middleton Drive, Charlotte, NC 28207     TEL: 704-344-0100      FAX: 704-344-0030
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